Miss Charlotte's Finishing School for Wayward Readers
Miss Charlotte's Finishing School for Wayward Readers
S1 E12 - The End of the Beginning - Candid Review & Final Grades

Please take note that we swear in this podcast.

We’ve finished the novel, but like the ghost of a lover haunting the moors of Yorkshire, the torture and pain of the experience lingers on! In this week’s episode, the class lets loose and gives Wuthering Heights a piece of their minds in their final candid review. Juri demonstrates the value of doing one’s homework, Emi demonstrates the pitfalls of improvising one’s homework on the spot, Andrew demonstrates the futility of doing one’s homework in a way Miss Charlotte likes slightly less, and Daniel demonstrates his love for Judy Blume’s literary oeuvre in lieu of doing his homework. Also featured: the final point tally, and the big reveal of the much-anticipated prize for the top student in the class.


Fish, Stanley. Is There a Text in This Class? The Authority of Interpretive Communities. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1980.

ERRATA: Miss Charlotte has confirmed with Thomas Joudry, whose article appeared in Episode 11, that his last name is indeed pronounced “Joe-dree.”