Miss Charlotte's Finishing School for Wayward Readers
Miss Charlotte's Finishing School for Wayward Readers
S1 E3 - Code Shifting or Feathered Beaver - Chapters 7 - 9

The podcast is theoretically released on Fridays, 0:01, Japanese Standard Time, except when it’s not. We try. I promise.

Note: we swear a bunch.

This week, we discuss Chapters 7 to 9 of Wuthering Heights. We cover Catherine’s feathered beaver, her efforts at code shifting, and we dig a little into late 18th century fashion. For this week’s reader report, Emi has prepared a rap, and she enlists her roommate to beatbox for her because the rest of us are terrible (and the delay on the Zoom call makes it pretty much impossible). Daniel sings the hook. As always, we do the Cathartic Pop Quiz, and a new Teacher’s Pet and Class Dunce are crowned. Stay tuned at the end for a couple of outtakes and a special bonus track!

Our wayward readers are:

Andrew Woolner, Artistic Director of the Yokohama Theatre Group.
Daniel Wishes, Puppeteer and Podcaster
Emi Do, World-changer and marathon runner
Juri Ito, Assistant Artistic Director of the Yokohama Theatre Group.

Akihiro Akane wrote our theme song. You can find out more about him and his work at https://www.instagram.com/ardenaki/ and https://ardenaki.com/. Andrew wrote the words.

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Below you can find the fashion image we discuss (you may have to view these notes in a web browser in order to see them): You can also check out the addendum of this episode, which includes the pamphlet announcing England’s first public lottery at https://waywardreaders.com/season-1-episode-2-addendum/ .

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