Miss Charlotte's Finishing School for Wayward Readers
Miss Charlotte's Finishing School for Wayward Readers
S1 E4 - I Would Do Anything for Love But I Won't Do That - Chapters 10 - 12

The podcast is theoretically released on Fridays, 0:01, Japanese Standard Time, except when it’s not. We try. I promise.

On that note, thanks for your patience this past week as we took an unannounced holiday for Obon.

Note: we swear a bunch.

This week, we discuss Chapters 10 to 12 of Wuthering Heights. Daniel gives his report in the form of a laugh-tracked sitcom, we find out what “elf-bolts” are, and we talk about how Emily Brontë was the kinkiest Brontë (a non-scholarly opinion).

Our wayward readers are:

Andrew Woolner, Artistic Director of the Yokohama Theatre Group.
Daniel Wishes, Puppeteer and Podcaster
Emi Do, World-changer and marathon runner
Juri Ito, Assistant Artistic Director of the Yokohama Theatre Group.

Akihiro Akane wrote our theme song. You can find out more about him and his work at https://www.instagram.com/ardenaki/ and https://ardenaki.com/. Andrew wrote the words.

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